Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Akimbo Collective Presents Blubber 2007

On Saturday the 8th of September at 2pm and under a splendid spring like sky, a jubilee and merrymaking mingle kicked off in the sleepy and beautiful valley of Piggabeen. Although the fiesta had little to do with the layer of fat in whales from which oil is made, or the act of weeping noisily and without restraint, or even the book by Judy Blume first published in1974, it was called Blubber. Reason being happily unknown.


The event showcased some local flairs and wares, in all manner of form, from belly dance, flamenco, film, poetry, song, music, art and craft. Musicians traveled from as far as Brisbane and Lismore to perform, with the majority being local to the Tweed and southern Gold Coast. The craft market consisted of  a wonderful array of objects, ranging from quilts and jewellery by Sarah Pimperini, bags and brooches by Bonniecricket, ear art by Nanna’s Attic, to Allie Cooper glad rags (and delectable dips!), beautifully bound books by Mallika, vintage fabric badges by Sheryl, and creatures by Belinda Suzette. An exhibition of recent works by Belinda Suzette also adorned the walls


First off the bill was the lovely Simone who sang us some of her sweet numbers. The Grey Sparrows, a local 3 piece, debuted with a set perfect for the sunny afternoon. Nanna’s Attic’s Daniele was as effervescent as ever. Anthony Gee had us thinking and heckling with his word play and poetry. Sahara Moon shimmied us out to Mallika: Goddess of the Flame where we thanked the sun and sent it on his merry way  and welcomed the night with bonfire. Flamenco Baby had us all ‘olay’ing and stamping. Dollface took us on a ‘pop version of a ride into tinsel town’. Jose Sprinkler opened with a song about the Piggabeen daisies! Jamie Shaw braved a scratchy throat and wooed us by the stage (only to have us sing uproariously by the fire), and the Bell Divers provided the space with fantastically danceable tunes (rendering disco quite unnecessary!!).


The movie tent ran films throughout the course of the event – featuring works by Ryan Smith, Michelle and Sam Medley, ranging from mockumentary, documentary, the absurd, conceptual dance and claymation.


Blubber was a grand success and thanks to Mallika’s face painting, Emma Angel’s hoola hoops and the sunshine, one that was child friendly. The feedback was great, but I’d love to hear more, so please feel free…


‘What a fantastic venue and organic art experience. Loved the hall, the music, the friendly people…..’

‘Brilliant! Just what the valley needed.’

‘Bring back the Blubber – often.’

‘Great wholesome vibes, thanks for a fun day!’

‘The whole thing was divine. Thank you!!!!’


A big cheers big ears to all who participated and supported…especially Ryeyes!!!

Pix and video footage will soon be up on the akimbo site.



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